Women’s History Month Interview One: Tierra Mack, Study Abroad Fall 2019

Women’s History Month Interview One: Tierra Mack, Study Abroad Fall 2019

Hello friends! Here is my first interview in honor of Women’s History Month!

Tierra Mack is a Junior political science major, Spanish minor at Hampton University from Georgia. She studied abroad in fall 2019 in Barcelona Spain, her favorite Spanish city. One interesting fact about Tierra is that she loves being by the beach and having access to great seafood, and has visited 11 countries.

Q: Why did you choose to study abroad?

A: I wanted to experience European and Spanish culture.

Q: How has travel impacted your life and how has it changed you?

A: Traveling has opened my mind and made me question more things around me. Unlearning the American way and living like a Spaniard changed my world perspective. There are many perks to being American, but as a citizen of a wealthier country, our daily choices affect the world. Plastic is truly destroying beaches in the eastern world. Traveling has changed not only my carbon footprint, but also my worldview.

Q: Where was your most recent travel experience and what did it teach you?

A: My most recent travel experience was to Bali. Bali taught me that there are more seasonings and languages than our brain can process! Lemongrass and the trendy essential oils of the west are not just umbrella terms but a way of life to be holistic and in tune with nature.

Q: What has been your most favorite travel experience and why?

A: Traveling to South Korea has been my favorite travel experience. The eastern world is not advertised as much and the food is amazing. Asian culture is similar to African culture and is very communal.

Q: Do you have any tips or advice for people who want to travel more? A: Research the political issues and world issues. Also follow some travel blogs to get inspired.

Q: What are the must have items in your packing list?
A: Portable charger, a reusable water bottle, coconut oil, and adapters.

Where can people follow your travel journeys?
@tierramaxk on Instagram

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