Women’s History Month Interview Two: Meet Nueh Anita Chuo, a Humanitarian for the people of Cameroon

Nueh Anita Chuo is a dynamic young woman who holds a Masters I in Public Law and Administration, a Certificate in Development and Social Change and a Diploma in Stores Accounting. She has a very strong passion for humanity which has been her strong drive in this field of humanities.

Anita has volunteered with different Organizations like the Narcotics and Drug Abuse Preventive Association, African Network against Illiteracy, Conflicts and Human Rights Abuse, United Council for Youth Empowerment and a one-time United Nations Junior Parliamentarian for the Yaounde Chapter of Cameroon Association for the United Nations. Read her story below.

1. Tell me about yourself and your country of origin.

Currently, Anita is the Programs Director for BihndumlemHumanitarian Association of Peace and Hope (BIHAPH); a charity that strives to bring peace and relieve to shattered communities in the North West Region of Cameroon.

Photo courtesy of Anita Chuo

2. What is your favorite thing about your country?

My favorite thing about her country is the diversity. Cameroon is endowed with cultural, language, culinary, ethnic diversity given that it has over 250 different tribes with each of them having distinct cultures. Also, Cameroon is known as ‘Africa in miniature’ because of its natural endowments like deserts in the North, wildlife, water bodies, climatic condition and others.

Photo courtesy of Anita Chuo

3. What issues is your country facing and how can others provide support?

Cameroon is facing quite a lot of issues that are same as in other countries like unemployment, underdevelopment andpoor infrastructure, political issues, floods, health hazards, natural disasters and violent extremism. All these are typical of most African countries. Other countries can provide support by not only sending aid, but by contributing their quota to finding lasting solutions to all these upheavals.

Photo courtesy of Anita Chuo

4. Tell me about your organization GM4MD and what its mission and goal is.

Our organization is a local organization that operates in the domains of Peace Building, Conflict Prevention/Transformation, Gender Equality Promotion, Promotion of Education especially girl child education, Women’s Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihoods promotion. Our organization has as mission and goals, the following:

BIHAPH is a non-profit grass root humanitarian Organization registered in the United States and in Cameroon. Our mission is to work towards conflict prevention, Humanitarian Assistance, Livelihood and peace building. The foundation supports vulnerable women, girls, children and youths especially those affected by wars, conflict and disasters with basic needs, shelter, healthcare, education and entrepreneurship to ensure long-term economic development within impoverished rural communities in Cameroon. BIHAPH works towards turning these into healthy, productive places for vulnerable children, young girls, youths, women to grow up, and live their full potentials and be useful to themselves and their communities. Today we are active in the fight to save vulnerable persons from poverty, helping more than 10.000 persons living in poor rural communities through sponsorship programs, education, health provision and vocational training. Through our engagement we aim to unravel the lies of poverty, allowing children and vulnerable persons to grow up having dreams to succeed in life according to Christian values. We also reach out to prisoners as part of our mission to bring hope and relief to the suffering and those living without hope.


BIHAPH seeks to assist vulnerable persons in poor rural communities with education, shelter, health care and entrepreneurial skills to help them be better persons and live their full potentials. Majority of people living in poor communities suffered tremendously due to hardship, poverty, and economic stagnation. BIHAPH seeks to address these problems from a humanitarian platform with goals geared towards bringing effective change and building the human spirit towards sustainable rural transformation. In 2019 the activities gained grounds in the following fields; Humanitarian intervention, Education, health, women and youths empowerment, prison ministry and conflict management.


BIHAPH envisages a world that is free from poverty, hunger, conflicts, wars and human suffering. A world in which gender equality, equity, human dignity and justice will be highly valorized, where social inclusion will be practiced for a better livelihood towards a holistic and sustainable rural transformation.

Photo courtesy of Anita Chuo

5. What is the most challenging aspect of being a female activist?

The most challenging aspect of being a female activist is that women and under estimated and seldom listened to when they stand out to speak in public, female activists risk being raped if they go out to represent or carry out activities in enclave and hard-to-reach zones especially from separatists, female activists are often looked upon from the sex eye by their male colleagues.

Photo courtesy of BIHAPH

6. What is the most rewarding aspect of being a female activist?

The most rewarding aspect of being a female activist is the fact that she is able to break the bias and helps promote the SDGs as she fulfills the principles laid down in UNSCR 1325.

Photo courtesy of Anita Chuo

7. Tell me about how to get involved with your organization.

To get involved with our organization, you can contact us via our social media handles at the following:

Website: www.bihfoph.org

Facebook: @bihaph

YouTube: Bihaph

Twitter: BIHAPH

Photo courtesy of Anita Chuo

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