Women’s History Month Interview Five: Charlotte Shields, Travel Enthusiast and Entrepreneur

Women’s History Month Interview Five: Charlotte Shields, Travel Enthusiast and Entrepreneur

Hello family and friends! Here is my fifth interview in honor of women’s history month! Charlotte Shields is a travel agent and content creator. One fun fact about Charlotte is that she has been to 32 countries.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what inspires you to travel?

I’m from Birmingham in the UK and have been living in London for the past 9 years. My background and most of my interests have always been in architecture and travel, which go quite nicely together when you have a travel bug! From a young age I have always been fortunate enough to travel yearly with my family, fueling my love for travel. I love both ends of the spectrum, whether it’s backpacking South East Asia or Africa for 3-5 months or relaxing in the Caribbean for a couple weeks at a 5* all inclusive. My favourite countries so far are Jamaica, Vietnam, India and South Africa! I’ve always had a passion for travel and strive to inspire others to see more of the world, growing as a person through travel and creating long lasting memories!

How has travel impacted your life and how has it changed you?

Travel for me actually started as a way to discover myself and what it meant to be alive in this world. I had left a long term relationship, lost and not truly knowing who I was in my early twenties. Travel has enabled me to work from the inside out to truly discover myself, what I have to offer the world and what the world has to offer for me also.

Where was your most recent travel experience and what did it teach you?

My recent travel experience was to Portugal and Poland in September which taught me to go with the flow of life and all that it has to offer me. I went to Poland with two girls I met online and now coach through a travel opportunity and we met for the first time at the airport, we had no idea what the outcome of the trip would be and I’m so grateful to connect with so many others online and create long lasting memories and impact for so many other all through travel.

What has been your most favorite travel experience and why?

A travel experience that will always remain with me was my 5 month trip around Africa, on this occasion we were walking through a market in Tanzania and unbeknown to my best friend and I, we had walked into an area which wasn’t safe! Before we knew it we were completely surrounded by thousands of men and trapped in a circle. In this moment I truly surrendered to what the universe and god had installed for me and there before my eyes a woman popped her head through the crowd and it parted. A car suddenly appeared and she told us to get in, somehow the driver knew where to take us back to our hotel and we arrived back in one piece. Now although this doesn’t sound like a favourite experience this made me realise everything that is happening in life is happening for me, not to me and everything always works out for the best! Life has many lessons and it is on that journey where you learn to surrender to the path of alignment and all that is working out in your favour daily!

Do you have any tips or advice for people who want to travel more?

I am all for tips and tricks when it comes to travel and I’m super savvy when looking for ways to travel more! I actually joined a travel community online just over a year ago now and its been an incredible travel hack, I actually get access to exclusive rates and deals that aren’t available on the market to others and I’m also able to earn the commission back on everything that I book, so I’m always saving on every trip or holiday I go on now which is AMAZING! Having done this for over a year now I also mentor others and show them how they can do this too, as I’ve saved so much on all my trips!

What are the must have items in your packing list?

My must have items on my list are contact lenses, sunglasses, glasses (just incase), body cream, bikini as I’m never too far from water or a spa no matter where I go ahaha, shoes, and clothes.

Where can people follow your travel journeys?

You can follow all my travel journey and tips and tricks I use on Instagram at @charltravels.

Why do you think is it important for black women to travel?
I think it is so important for black women to travel so we can explore and see the world from our own lens’s and for the world to see us in our pure and authentic selves that’s normally kept supressed or hidden amongst media stories and news articles.

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