Welcome to America: The Reunion

Welcome to America: The Reunion

Hello everyone!

So as my blog title says, I am now back in the United States. I arrived on Friday, December 28, and the next day I went to a Kwanzaa celebration event and Cameroonian party with the Cameroonian Association of South Florida, where I was welcomed with open arms and expectant faces. I wanted to share these moments with you all here because it was truly the best homecoming that I could have asked for.

Last week, I was also able to visit with some of my mother’s family in Tennessee, which was a great experience. I was able to reconnect with and share stories with my  aunt and grandmother, and I found the normalcy and familiarity of the environment to be invigorating, and exactly what I needed to restart this new chapter of my life here in the States.

Lastly, the lessons that the past year has taught me include three words: resilience, patience, and gratitude. In 2019, I look forward to living with these three words as my mantra: purpose, prosperity, and peace. I plan to keep and share all the lessons and experiences I had in Cameroon, and I hope you all do as well.



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  1. My dearest daughter, my love and joy are overflowing with your fascinating experience! I am blessed and highly favored to share this life with you and your Daddy! The power of faith and family are beautifully represented! I am encouraged and inspired by your journey of ‘Becoming’!

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