Civic Duty-Is It Still a Thing?

Civic Duty-Is It Still a Thing?

Hello friends and family! Thanks again for joining me!

So as you all know, elections are coming up this week, and this message has been on my heart for the past few months. I wrote this during primary elections, and I decided to save it and share it as a blog post in correlation to this very critical November election. I am asking that each person reading this really contemplate on what this article is about, and meditate on how it applies to your own life. As you read it, I hope that it inspires you to take action, and be the change that you want to see.

August 30, 2018

So I’ve been watching the Trayvon Martin Story on BET…….

And it’s brought to my realization exactly how critical it is for us all, especially within the black community, to be informed and involved citizens.

Yesterday when I went to vote I became aware of all of the various positions of power that are critical to the way that policies are made and issues are handled. From the school board, to judges, to the governor, every position of power was listed. This showed me that exercising my right to vote truly does make a difference in my community, and in this nation.

When watching the Trayvon Martin story, I realized how the various positions of power played a vital part into how the case was handled.

It made me think, if everyone that resides in this country realized that they have a critical part to play in the way that this country is run, and took advantage of the resources given to us through the pain, blood, sweat, and tears of the generations that came before us, how much further along we would be as a society?

Most of our ancestors were once victims of the slave trade and Jim Crow, however, they did everything within their power to make sure that our generation and those that come after us do not have to suffer as they did.

This being said, who are we to sit back and complain about the decisions being made by the leadership in our nation and our respective communities if we are not actively involved and informed politically?

Let’s be clear….we ALL have a part to play in how history is told and how this nation is run. EVERYTHING we do now will impact the generations that come after us.

So what part do you want to play in history? Are you using your voice to make this world a better place for you,  your family, and your future legacy? Or are you sitting back and letting other people make decisions for you and your family?

Think about it.



*DISCLAIMER: this post is for those who have the ability to vote, and for some reason or another choose not to, not for those who cannot*

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